Evalué la calidad de los datos en su EAM a través de nuestro “Data Health check”

Si la salud biológica depende de la calidad de la comida que ingerimos, de forma análoga un departamento de mantenimiento prosperará si cuenta con datos “buenos” que facilitarán la toma óptima de decisiones. El análisis de datos juega un papel importante dentro de la gestión del mantenimiento. Sin embargo, muchos ingenieros y gerentes dudan de la capacidad analítica de los datos históricos almacenados en el sistema de órdenes de trabajo. Este artículo le ayudará al ingeniero de Leer más [...]
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Guia RCM

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RCM – Análisis RAM

Objetivo del análisis RAM (diapositivas) RAM analysis is a form of Reliability Analysis (RA) that simulates a project's alternative designs and predicts their future long term (life cycle) performance in terms of manpower requirements, system reliability, availability, and spares requirements. RA techniques such as EXAKT, on the other hand, provide short term, day-to-day predictive decision support on systems that are currently operating. RCM procedures encompass any appropriate analytical Leer más [...]
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Análisis de Confiabilidad > 2 dimensiones

    Decidiendo si CBM When we found ourselves in the modern era of maintenance, the idea of CBM took firm hold in many maintenance departments. We thought of the star ship Enterprise with Scotty yelling  "the sensors are saying this and that". Reality, thus far, has not lived up to the CBM promise even as the CBM  industry mushroomed and oceans of condition monitoring data stream onto our hard drives. Some RCM consultants say that CBM is applicable and effective for only 10% Leer más [...]
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Taller Análisis Weibull y Optimización PM

      We have seen that reliability analysis is about counting failure mode instances of failure and preventive renewal. The EAM should be our "counting machine" but, thus far, has not fulfilled that role for the reliability engineer. In these simple exercises we will perform reliability analysis and draw certain conclusions. Ejercicios de Análisis Weibull Motor Problem background The data shown in the slide tracks six consecutive life times of the engine function Leer más [...]
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RCM – Análisis de confiabilidad de 2 dimensiones

          La confiabilidad The term "reliability" is used in several contexts. Defining “reliability” in the general sense of the word (not the mathematical sense), we may say that it is: The achievement of a desired production rate, quality, availability, mission survivability, at lowest cost, safely, and without infringing environmental norms. The mathematical definition also has several facets. Strictly speaking the reliability of an item is its probability Leer más [...]
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