EXAKT is a multidimensional analysis and modeling tool that enables the making of optimized maintenance decisions. Its main objective is to predict equipment failures through condition-based maintenance (CBM) and thereby perform the right maintenance at the right time. These decision models can be based on probability or in cost and probability.

The deployed models estimate the remaining useful life (RUL) of equipment as well as combining business factors leading to an optimized balance of preventive and corrective maintenance:

♦   Lower costs

♦   Higher Reliability

♦  Achieving the optimal of risk – cost – reliability balance

The purpose of EXAKT is to build, assess the performance of, and continually improve maintenance policies. By a “maintenance policy” we mean a rule or process to be used for decision support. Why do we need policies? We need them because it would be inefficient to always have to evaluate repetitive maintenance situations from first principles. Rather, a policy, also called a “model” or “decision model” will have been developed to:

1. Identify a critical situation from available information, and

2. Suggest an optimal action

3. Periodically self-assess overall (model) performance in terms of having fulfilled its organizational objectives.

To review the benefits, download the detailed description on PDF.

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