Living Reliability was founded in Montreal, Canada, in 2008, based on the principle that Reliability Analysis of “good” data will drive continuous improvement in the management of industrial maintenance. We began in 2009 when the founders set out to fill the pressing need for a practical process for acquiring the right maintenance information upon which to build useful maintenance “decision models”. A decision model is a rule or algorithm that responds to data emanating from and equipment or system. Models developed by the maintenance organization’s reliability engineer using the LRCM/EXAKT software system constitute a maintenance policy with regard to components, parts, and Failure Mode. Engineers easily develop verifiable and optimal decision models, but only when they can access accurate, consistent historical work order data in the CMMS/EAM database. The lack of good data has been the major impediment to good decision making in maintenance. The company, “LivingReliability Centered Maintenance” (LRCM), emerged from our observation that current CMMS / EAM documentation procedures were not up to the job. Maintenance engineers have lived with this well-known problem, that of poor, inconsistent, and inaccurate CMMS work order historical data for decades. They considered this obstacle to analysis an overwhelming one and virtually unsolvable.

MESH LRCM uses a simple and common sense maintenance information strategy to ensure that Reliability Analysis software benefits from the right, consistent and accurate work order data. The predictive decision modeling software system called EXAKT converts data into verifiable optimal maintenance decisions. Using the combined power of LRCM and EXAKT we finally conquered the age old challenge of Achieving Reliability from Data. LRCM was developed in 2010 by Murray Wiseman and Dr. Daming Lin after a decade of industry trials by the Condition Based Maintenance lab at the University of Toronto. The LRCM process was piloted at Carbones de Cerrejon in 2011. During this period, a Latin America branch of LivingReliability was founded to promote the LRCM methodology in South America. Today the strategic alliance with OMDEC, the commercial developers of EXAKT, and Stack Pointer, the IT experts in EAM integration empowers our clients to reach previously unattainable levels of maintenance performance.

Decision models deploy automatically processing the current data and providing optimal recommendations on when to perform maintenance on a component. In addition to day-to-day decision making, Reliability Engineers use the modeling process to assess the performance of current and alternative CBM policies. LivingReliability commits to transfer to our clients’ maintenance personnel the technology and skills that will increase business’ profitability through optimal condition based maintenance decisions.

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