Murray innovates in the field of maintenance engineering, management, and consulting. He founded and operated the world’s first web expert-system based commercial oil analysis laboratory. As a principal consultant at PricewaterhouseCoopers’ Centre of Excellence in Physical Asset Management he specialized in condition based maintenance optimization. Murray holds a B. Eng. Mech. degree from McGill University and is a RCM practitioner. He leads projects in condition based maintenance optimization that achieve safe increased equipment availability while minimizing life cycle cost. He founded Optimal Maintenance Decisions (OMDEC) Inc, a software and consulting company dedicated to strategic reliability information and knowledge management. He introduced the revolutionary principles of “living RCM” (LRCM) to the Canadian Armed forces and to Cerrejón Coal in Colombia. He has conducted highly regarded training in many countries, including the Physical Asset Management certificate course at the University of Toronto.

He is editor of the LRCM information website

Daming is Chief Statistician and Technology Director of OMDEC. As Associate Researcher in statistical maintenance modeling at the University of Toronto’s (Centre for Maintenance Optimization and Reliability Engineering (C-MORE) he contributed to the theory and development of EXAKT. He has conducted numerous projects in CBM decision modeling and in reliability. Daming has developed practical solutions to the unifying of the CMMS and RCM in order that rigorous Reliability Analysis may be applied. He has contributed to the improvement of maintenance procedures at Enbridge in Life cycle costing analysis for underground gas pipe lines. He has conducted valuable studies for Xstrata for the optimization of preventive maintenance intervals in underground mine equipment. He was the Canadian project leader joint Canada-US Intelligent Maintenance Systems IMS Center, University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee project. He is the developer of OREST reliability software marketed by Banak. He was Project leader for the analysis of Penn State, Office of Naval Engineering CBM data. He received a Ph.D., 1995, in Statistics, from the University of Hong Kong, Hong Kong, China and an M.Sc., 1988, Applied Mathematics, Ins. of Systems Science, Chinese Academy of Sciences, China and his B.Sc., in 1985, in Applied Mathematics, Peking University, China. He was a University of Toronto, Postdoctoral Fellow. He is the author of over 20 papers in international journals & 20 papers in international conferences.

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Oscar is the co-founder of Living Reliability Latin America, consulting company dedicated to improve the maintenance information strategies through the LRCM process. Oscar holds a double degree in Mechanical Engineering from ENIM (France) and University of EAFIT (Colombia). Trilingual Engineer and Certified Six Sigma Green Belt.

With a Professional Master of Science and Technology, Specialty: Quality. He prepared and trained a Conditional Based Maintenance (CBM) and LRCM course to the employees of a gold mine in Peru (Newmont). He is a trained RCM facilitator, LRCM and EXAKT Trainer. As Continuous Improvement Engineer in Komatsu Chile he conducted plans to reduce the non-value adding work in order to maximize productivity and efficiency.

He was the Six Sigma Project Manager of the reliability analysis in the belt conveyors in Cerrejón’s port Colombia. He participated in the implementation of the LRCM process in Cerrejón Coal in Colombia. He is editor of the LRCM information website

Luis is the co-founder of Living Reliability Latin-American. He is highly motivated on the generation and implementation of optimization and improvement strategies during assets life cycle. Luis holds a BEng Electronic Engineering degree from Universidad del Norte, Barranquilla, he is a certificate member of the Society of Maintenance and Reliability professionals (CMRP).

He is a trained RCM facilitator. He participated in the implementation of the LRCM process in Cerrejón Colombia. As a reliability engineer consultant in Wood Group Colombia he coordinated and
participated in projects such as reliability process structuring and implementation for PETROBRAS, Ecuador, FMECA analysis of a shedder cane line for Manuelita S.A, Colombia, RAM Analysis Update (phase II) for BP LPG and LTO II gas plants, Equipment hierarchy and criticality analysis for Petrominerales
assets, Casanare Colombia, RAM Analysis for Ecopetrol Oil pipeline Vasconia – CIB, RAM Analysis for BPs LPG and LTO II gas plants, RAM analysis for BP Savonette Platform, Trinidad y Tobago, SIF-Maintenance Routines & SCE Register Review, Trinidad y Tobago, Support for Electrical CBM techniques: Thermography,
MCE, Developed a Maintenance strategy (RCM) guide for WG Colombia.

As support reliability engineer in Wood group Colombia he participated in PMO BP’s offshore platforms, Trinidad y Tobago, ESMP BP Amherstia deck expansion, Trinidad y Tobago, ESMP BP Mango& Cashima platform, Trinidad y Tobago. He is editor of the LRCM information website

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