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RCM boundaries and Living RCM

In performing your RCM analysis on this butterfly valve, you decided to treat the hydraulic system as a separate analysis. You drew the boundary in such a way that the cylinder-actuator belongs to the hydraulic system and not to the … Continue reading

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Conditional probability of failure vs. hazard rate

John Moubray, as a warning against being too sure of oneself, used to tell this story to his aspiring RCM consultants: A newly trained RCM practitioner consultant was delivering the standard three-day RCM course to a group of his clients, … Continue reading

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How much detail?

How many failure modes should we consider? When should we group failure modes to avoid excessive detail. John Moubray pointed out that this is one of the most difficult questions in RCM. And it comes up repeatedly in LRCM as … Continue reading

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